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5 Strata Cleaning Problems You Can Avoid [Expert Solutions]

Strata living comes with many conveniences, but also unique cleaning challenges. Without proper maintenance and care, a strata's common areas and shared facilities can quickly become a nightmare for residents and property managers. In fact, a recent survey found that over 80% of strata owners have experienced a cleaning disaster that negatively impacted their quality of life and property values.

Strata Cleaning Solutions

From pest infestations to faulty plumbing, cleaning neglect can spiral out of control fast in a multi-unit building. Preventing strata cleaning nightmares requires diligent effort and a proactive maintenance plan. While no strata are immune to occasional mishaps, being aware of common pitfalls can help you avoid catastrophic cleaning failures.

In this article, we’ll explore 5 nightmares of strata cleaning and how to keep them at bay, with insights from professional cleaning experts. By understanding where strata's often drop the ball on cleaning, you can take steps to keep your building sparkling from top to bottom. With a vigilant cleaning routine and swift response to any emerging issues, you can dodge the headaches that come with a dirty, neglected strata.

Expert Solutions for common strata cleaning problems.

 1. How to avoid Dirty common areas

Common areas like lobbies and hallways can become very dirty over time without proper cleaning and maintenance. High foot traffic means lots of dirt and debris gets tracked in from outside. Trash cans overflow, stains set in on floors and carpets, walls get scuffed up, and grime builds up in corners. If cleaning is infrequent or superficial, common areas will appear unkempt, dirty, and unwelcoming.

Some common problem areas & how to avoid them:

- Entryways and lobbies - These high traffic areas need frequent sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and trash removal. Pay close attention to entry mats and carpets which trap dirt. Disinfect doorknobs and handles regularly.

- Hallways and corridors - Over time, walls get scuffed up, floors get stained, and carpets get matted down. Schedule deep cleaning for carpets and floors. Wash walls, lights, and baseboards to remove grime buildup.

- Mailrooms and package rooms - Quickly become cluttered and dirty if not cleaned regularly. Sweep up loose mail, wipe down shelves and surfaces, empty trash cans.

- Common bathrooms - Require daily sanitising and scrubbing due to frequent use. Pay attention to sinks, toilets, floors, mirrors, dispensers. Stock with soap, towels, and toilet paper.

- Lounges and community rooms- Furniture, appliances, and surfaces need thorough cleaning if used often. Vacuum carpets, wash windows, disinfect handles and buttons.

- Hallways and corridors - Over time, walls get scuffed up, floors get stained, and carpets get matted down. Schedule deep cleaning for carpets and floors. Wash walls, lights, and baseboards to remove grime buildup.

With a clear cleaning schedule and attention to detail, common areas can maintain a clean, welcoming environment for residents and guests. Even you can hire professional Strata Cleaning Services in Melbourne to avoid much mess.

 2. Neglected Exterior is not a problem anymore (Just Follow Tips)

A neglected exterior can create an unappealing first impression of a property. Over time, lack of care for the outside of a building leads to issues that are not just cosmetic but can turn into expensive repairs.

Windows are one of the most visible exterior components. Dirty windows make a building look rundown and uncared for. The grime also reduces natural light from entering interior spaces. Not cleaning windows regularly allows dirt, bird droppings, pollution, and mineral deposits to build up. This makes the glass harder to clean over time.

Landscaping requires ongoing maintenance too. Bushes and trees need occasional trimming. Lawns need mowing, aerating, seeding, and fertilising. Without this care, the grounds can become overgrown and unattractive. Weeds take over while grass dies off. Landscaping equipment and features may fall into disrepair without routine care. Outdoor lighting fixtures get filled with dirt and stop working properly at night.

Parking lots, sidewalks, exterior walls, and recreational facilities also require cleaning and upkeep. Power washing can remove stains while sealing/painting protects from weathering. Failure to provide this maintenance leads to cracked surfaces, peeling paint, and an overall unkempt appearance.

In a strata complex, residents expect shared spaces to be properly maintained. When the outside of the building starts looking dirty, damaged, and neglected, it reflects poorly on the strata council. Proper exterior cleaning and maintenance should be budgeted for and scheduled routinely. This prevents small issues from turning into major eyesores or costly repairs down the road.

3. Effective Insights for Regular Maintenance of Strata Properties 

Ignoring regular maintenance and cleaning in a strata building can lead to a myriad of issues that compound over time. Without diligent upkeep, problems that start small can escalate into costly repairs or hazards for residents.

One of the most common maintenance issues is clogged drains and pipes. Allowing drains to become clogged with hair, grease, and other debris can result in backups that lead to flooding, water damage, and mould growth. Catching and clearing clogs early is much easier and cheaper than dealing with the aftermath of extensive backups.

Neglecting routine maintenance in high-traffic areas can also quickly lead to unsightly damage. Flooring in lobbies and hallways will show scratches, stains, and other signs of wear without regular upkeep. Walls will gather dirt, scuffs, and may need paint touch ups if not cleaned routinely. Allowing this damage to build up over time leads to the space looking unkempt and run down.

Outdoor maintenance is also essential. Not power washing exterior surfaces regularly allows for buildup of dirt, mildew, and other grime. Landscaping needs regular attention to keep plants healthy and the grounds neat. Ignoring exterior maintenance leads to the building looking unclean and neglected.

Taking a proactive approach to maintenance prevents small issues from becoming big headaches down the line. Establishing a routine cleaning and maintenance schedule and sticking to it is crucial for any strata to keep the property looking its best.

 4. Learn How to Handle Inexperienced Cleaners

Hiring inexperienced or unqualified cleaners can lead to issues in your strata. Cleaners without proper training may use the wrong techniques or products, potentially causing damage to surface or appliances. They may also miss critical areas that need cleaning, leaving your property dirty and unhygienic.

Some problems caused by inexperienced cleaners include:

  • Using too much water or the wrong chemicals, leading to warped floors or stained surfaces

  • Failing to clean effectively, leaving behind dirt, grime and bacteria

  • Not following proper procedures, like cleaning from top to bottom or high to low

  • Breaking items if they don't know how to properly handle or clean them

  • Injuring themselves due to lack of training on proper equipment use or techniques

  • Missing important maintenance checks like drain cleanouts or vent filter changes 

  • Causing malfunctions by pushing dirt further into appliances rather than removing it

Solutions to the above-mentioned problems:

The risks here are not just subpar cleaning, but also damage that can be costly to repair. An inexperienced cleaner simply won't know how to properly clean a strata with specialised equipment and techniques. That's why it's critical to hire fully trained professional strata cleaners near you. They have the skills to thoroughly clean while keeping your property undamaged and tenants happy. Don't take chances with inexperienced cleaners - the problems they can cause are headaches you want to avoid.

 5. How Planning can help avoid the Strata cleaning problems.

One of the biggest nightmares for strata properties is having no clear cleaning and maintenance schedule or plan. When there is no solid plan dictating what needs to be cleaned and when, issues are bound to arise.

Without a proper schedule, certain areas can go overlooked and cleaning can become haphazard. High traffic areas like lobbies and hallways may not get cleaned as frequently as they should. Seasonal maintenance like gutter cleaning can be forgotten altogether. Garbage collection and recycling can fall through the cracks.

A lack of schedule also leads to confusion among residents and cleaners. No one knows exactly who is responsible for what and when. This can lead to conflict and finger pointing over neglected areas. Some residents may try to take cleaning into their own hands, which can cause further issues.

Having a detailed cleaning plan and schedule set up by strata management avoids these problems. A schedule outlines the frequency that all common areas should be cleaned. It provides clarity on regular maintenance duties. And it helps ensure no essential cleaning tasks are missed.

Following a solid cleaning plan is crucial for maintaining cleanliness and the condition of the building. It also provides expectations and structure for cleaners and residents alike. Having a schedule in place makes the system run smoothly.

 Conclusion – Here's the end for all your Strata Cleaning Problems

Keeping your strata building clean should be a top priority for owners and property managers. A dirty and neglected building can lead to unhappy residents, plummeting property values, and even health hazards.

This article outlined some of the most common strata cleaning nightmares and how to avoid them. The key is being proactive with regular maintenance, establishing a clear cleaning schedule, hiring experienced professionals, and maintaining open communication among owners, managers, and residents.

Keeping a strata building clean is a team effort. But with proactive maintenance, responsible residents, and professional cleaning, your strata will sparkle. If you have any more doubts, we at CarePlus Cleaning Solutions are happy to serve at your request. Contact us now for more details.


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