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Strata Cleaning

CarePlus cleaning is one of the leading cleaning service providers in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Gold Coast. Cleaning strata premises means handling a range of different cleaning tasks like floors, walls, ceilings, windows, car parks, lawns, and roofs.


Finding a strata cleaning company in Melbourne that can handle all those tasks equally well is a challenge. Our size means we’ve achieved an economy of scale that’s hard to beat. Even though you’ve got larger than normal premises, we can clean it for a cost that will probably surprise you.

We have many years of experience providing expert strata cleaning Melbourne services. All our cleaners are fully trained and police-checked for your security. We’re punctual, dependable, and fully insured. We also come at the right price.


Strata cleaning costs differ depending on building size, unit quantity, and facilities. The higher any of these numbers, the higher the costs. Buildings with pools will incur higher cleaning costs than those without.

Common strata cleaning services in Melbourne include:

  • Buffing, stripping, and sealing of various floor surfaces.

  • Carpet steam cleaning and vacuuming.

  • Changing all light bulbs and fittings.

  • Checking that emergency lights are clean and in working order.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting staircases and walkways.

  • Cleaning common area and external windows.

  • Taking out and washing garbage bins.

  • Gardening and pruning.

Heritage buildings typically also incur higher costs due to the special care they require. Modern buildings, on the other hand, might have expensive finishes and typically have more facilities than older buildings, driving costs up.

Why Choose CarePlus Strata Cleaning Services In Melbourne?

Health & Safety

People use common spaces a few times more and this is the reason open spaces get dirty quickly. If you don’t appoint someone to clean the open spaces, they will remain unhealthy and impact your health. You can hire someone to clean open spaces on regular basis. Because every day a large number of people are using the spaces.

Buffing, Stripping & Sealing

Considering the floor types, you have to perform buffing, stripping, and sealing. You need professional skills to understand floor types and treat the floor carefully. This is another major reason you should hire strata cleaning Melbourne experts. Self-cleaning sometimes does not help in proper cleaning.

Professional Cleaning

Strata services offer professional cleaning & repair services for commercial spaces. To assure the best cleaning for your building or commercial spaces, strata cleaning is essential. An unprofessional cleaner can damage your essential building equipment. This is another reason you need a strata cleaning service.

Contact Us Today

For reliable strata cleaning company in Melbourne, look no further than CarePlus Cleaning Solutions. Call us today at 1300 559 968, or contact us online for a free quote or to arrange an on-site inspection.

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