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What is Strata cleaning service? Why is it important?

Updated: Mar 12

Strata cleaning is an Australian concept to clean subdivided commercial areas and buildings as well. The idea has been adopted by other countries and become a famous concept all around the world.

Open spaces get dirty really quick, if you don’t appoint someone to clean the open spaces, it will remain unhealthy and impact on your health. Careplus offers offers professional strata cleaning & repair services for commercial spaces. To assure best cleaning for your building or commercial spaces, strata cleaning is essential. The unprofessional cleaner can damage your essential building equipment.

There are a number of reasons strata cleaning is important. The first is health and safety – nobody wants to live in an unhygienic environment. Secondly, organization. Which neighbor is going to perform all that cleaning throughout the building? This is why owner’s committees hire professional strata cleaning services. Lastly, you need the right chemicals for the right surface. Professional strata cleaning companies have the knowledge and tools to ensure none of your surfaces get damaged.

Common services that Careplus strata cleaning service include:

  • Buffing, stripping and sealing of various floor surfaces

  • Carpet steam cleaning and vacuuming

  • Changing all light bulbs and fittings

  • Checking that emergency lights are clean and in working order

  • Cleaning and disinfecting staircases and walkways

  • Cleaning common area and external windows

  • Taking out and washing garbage bins

  • Gardening and pruning


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