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Why your medical facilities require a professional cleaning service like Careplus?

Updated: Mar 11

A clean, safe and hygienic medical environment is essential for staff, patients and visitors. It helps to reduce the risk of infection and illness and contamination in medical procedures and testing. Medical facilities need an exceedingly high standard of cleaning. There are strict industry, government and OH&S cleaning protocols, standards and guidelines to adhere to.

At CarePlus Medical centre cleaning service, we offer expert medical cleaning with skilled staff. Our medical cleaning teams are specially trained to ensure they’re up to date with all medical cleaning regulations and guidelines.

We understand that a medical facility can be a delicate space. Our cleaners are always trustworthy and discreet, sensitive and courteous and professionally presented. They’ll always be careful to respect patients’ privacy and make space for busy medical staff. We can also use environmentally friendly cleaning products that are sensitive on skin and won’t affect air quality.

​​To ensure that you get the specific cleaning you need, we’ll work with your facility manager to build a customised cleaning plan. Based on an on-site inspection and a proper understanding of your requirements, we’ll tailor a cleaning schedule and plan that satisfies your specific business requirements. ​With our customised cleaning plans, you get the targeted cleaning services you need according to an agreed-on cleaning schedule. That means you only pay for the services you need.


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