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List of cleaning tips & tricks to keep your office facilities clean

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

How often should your workplace be cleaned? Well, this will depend on a number of factors. They include the number of workers or employees and the areas to be cleaned such as rest rooms, receptions, doorways, parking lots etc. You might be surprised to find out that your office needs daily, weekly, or monthly routines. If this is the case, relax. CarePlus clearly understand your needs and will create custom cleaning programs that work in a healthy environment. No one, including your employees, should become unproductive because of the layer of dust on their desks or the crumbs on their keyboards.

Here are eight valuable office cleaning tips and tricks that will ensure office looks neat all the time.

– Keep cleaning supplies Dedicate one closet in your office to keeping office cleaning supplies. They include dusting sprays, glass cleaners, microfiber wipes, rubbing alcohol and much more. These supplies will make office cleaning a walk in the park. 

– Clean your desk When cleaning your office, your desk is the first place you should pay close attention to. Ensure that it’s sparkling clean and objects that you have placed on top of it such as the phone, monitor, keyboard and the rest are also clean. When cleaning your desk ensure that sharp objects are kept safely so that you don’t get injured. After cleaning your desk, avoid eating or spilling liquids on it so that it looks clean and tidy all the time.

– Clean lighting fixtures If lighting fixtures around your desk or in your office are not cleaned for a while, they attract and accumulate dust. The end result will be that your office will start looking a little dim. Using the right cleaning supplies, ensure that you don’t leave items that most people overlook during cleaning like lighting fixtures.

– Clean the floors Go over your floors with much care. For instance, if you have a carpet, ensure you vacuum it regularly to keep it clean. If your floor has linoleum or tiles, vacuum then mop it to ensure it shines daily. If your floor is old, waxing or stripping services are strongly recommended to keep your floors clean and durable. Eliminate scruff marks among other kinds of damage and make your floor last.

– Constantly remove trash Trash should be constantly removed from your office, especially in tea and coffee areas if you are looking to keep bugs at bay. If trash is not regularly emptied in such areas, you will be creating the perfect breeding area for E.coli. Research shows that items found in such areas such as kettle handles and the rest have more E.coli compared to toilet door handles. If your employee is affected by E.coli, it takes a week for them to recover. This could affect the operations and productivity at the office, particularly if there is no other employee that is qualified enough to take over.

– Clean the waste basket After emptying the trash, keep your waste basket clean so that it does not attract bugs or interfere with the quality of air in your office. If you do this you will also stay away from diseases that can originate from the dirty waste baskets.

– De-clutter your office De cluttering your office will make cleaning a walk in the park. Ensure that you only have what you require in your office. Also ensure that the files are well organized and ensure that those that you are no longer using are kept safe elsewhere. De cluttering your office will ensure that it looks neat and clean during cleaning.

– Watch for potential danger When cleaning your office, it is important to watch out for potential danger for your own safety. Look out for naked wires, sharp objects and other things that may cause you severe injuries. No one, including your employees, should get injured when cleaning the office.


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